Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Discover the Magic and Wonder of Science

Rock it Science offer extra-curricular activities that teach children about the wonder of science in an engaging and informative way. Each week children will get to the opportunity to explore different science topics through discovery based learning activities.  They will watch some amazing demonstrations and get to do their own exciting hands on experiments. These are designed to get children to make predictions and explain their observations.  The very essence of Science!  Each week they will have something to take home so they can continue to discuss and share what they have learned.

We are now offering the following ECA classes:

  1. The Little Einstein’s for children in Years 1-2
  2. The Exploring Scientist’s for children in Years 3-6

Click on the following to get course information and sign up for Term 2:

1. Dubai British School Jumeriah Park

   Term 3  Tuesday 2.45-3.15pm (open to DBS JP pupils only)

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2. Dubai British School

   Term 3  Wednesday 2.30-3.15pm (open to DBS pupils only)

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Please Contact me if you would like more information