Potions Party

Potions Party - Themed Party - 1800 AED

(inspired by J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books)

Bring the Rock it Science School of Witchcraft and Wizardry right to your own home, where your little wizard/witch apprentice will get to take their very own Potions class.

When the children arrive they will enter from the Dubai express. They can wear their house ties (which are provided) and pose for a photograph as an Escaped Wizard from Azkaban.  Children are encouraged to come dressed up for the party!

The table is decorated with themed props such as bottles for potion making. They begin by witnessing the powerful magic of the Professors in a fun show with great experiments such as coloured flames and sparks, bubbling potions, black smoke, levitating objects and explosions!

They then get to make two potions of their own – Dancing unicorn milk and Flubberworm slime.

We finish the party by exploding some Filibusters.

What does this party package include?

  • Downloadable party invitation template for your guests
  • Themed props and House tie for each guest
  • An interactive show
  • Two hands-on potion activities. We provide table and chairs for the children to do their hand- on activities at.
  • Exploding filibusters finale (requires outdoor space)
  • An unforgettable birthday party lasting about 1.15-1.20hrs in total, specifically tailored to the age of the party guests attending.

Cost 1800 dhs for 15 children with two Rock it Scientists

Additional children can be added at a cost of 65 dhs each



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