Who Dunnit (CSI party)?

Who Dunnit (CSI party)? - Themed Party - 1800 AED

We have a brand new, challenging and exciting party type to offer for those children who are interested in Crime Science Investigation.

The children will arrive at the party and take part in a ‘Who Dunnit?’ challenge where they have to dress up in their CSI lab coats with personalised name badges and investigate the staged crime scene that will be set up. They will then use the clues they find to solve the mystery. One of the following activities can be chosen:

1.    Who stole the cookies?
They will dust for fingerprints, use chromatography to test ink samples on the apology note and test shoe scrapings from the suspects.

2.    Who killed the School Principal?
They will dust for fingerprints, use fibre, blood and DNA analysis to solve the crime.

What does this party package include?

  • Downloadable party invitation template for your guests
  • Themed props and crime scene set-up
  • Use of Science costume for every child - lab coat with personalised name tag and glasses (these are to be returned at the end).  We have a 15 minute slot at the start of the party to allow all the children to arrive and to get dressed up.
  • 3-4 Science experiments to solve the crime.  We provide table and chairs for the children to do their hands-on activities.
  • An unforgettable birthday party lasting about 1.15-1.20hrs in total, specifically tailored to the age of the party guests attending.

Cost 1800 dhs for 15 children with two Rock it Scientists

Additional children can be added at a cost of 65 dhs each


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