Rockit Science makes Gulf news

A Dubai science teacher and mother of three is making waves for running bizarre science-based birthday parties for children aged between four and 12 years.

Nichola Fisher, 36, better known as Professor Nutty Nicky, said with three young boys, ages four, six and seven, she had attended “hundreds of birthday parties” and always wondered how they could be different.

“Sometime last year, it occurred to me that I could do a fun, action-packed birthday party themed around my favourite subject – science. So I spent last summer designing my first birthday party type under an initiative called Rock It Science.”

Crazy Chemical Chaos

Curiously called ‘Crazy Chemical Chaos’, the package was a runaway hit. “The children dress up in lab coats, safety glasses and get personalised professor name badges. It’s all about role play. They then get to watch an interactive science show after which they are provided with kits to do their own experiments.”

She said there’s an element of choice with the experiments as children can choose from making wacky worms to lava lamps or gooey slime to take home.”

She said a Rock It Science party, which lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, has a rocket launch finale. “Our rockets are a big hit as they go up 100 feet. We also do coke mentos experiments.”

With word getting around, the fun parties have many takers. “From a couple of bookings when I started out, I receive 10-12 bookings a month now,” said Fisher, who is constantly innovating on the party types.

She said kids can choose from other packages like Fizzics Flying Fun and Potions Party which largely follow the same format as the chemistry package but entail a different set of experiments. “In September, we will be launching three more party types – Dino Dig, Whodunnit and Out of this World.”

With siblings also showing interest in the science-based parties, Fisher has designed packages for them as well.

The cost of hosting a Rock It Science party ranges from Dh1,600 to Dh1,750 for a batch of 15 kids. A Dh50 charge is made for every additional child. “We bring all the materials, tables and chairs for the party. The Potion Party, which is inspired by J.K. Rowling’s works, has theme-based props and dresses. We are a team of four science teachers assisted by four others.”

Fisher, who recently won a Dh100,000 award for her entrepreneurial skills as a woman, said she plans to use the money to make a transition from a part-time exercise to a full-time career in event organisation. On the anvil are plans to start science-based, after hour extracurricular activities in various schools. “We will be beginning with two schools from September,” she added.

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